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Students discover ways in which they can participate fully in their community and society by engaging in imaginative and innovative thought and action through play.In addition, students will be given the opportunity to develop the ability to identify and communicate their feelings, ideas, and thoughts.Many National Party supporters got behind her as well, some of them motivated by a Liberal preference deal that went against the Nationals in the Victorian seat of Mallee.Ken Jasper, a retired National Party member who held the state seat of Murray Valley for 34 years, publicly backed Mc Gowan.

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The campaign was given national attention when independent, Tony Windsor, was asked on Insiders what he would miss the least about federal politics. That quip made front page news in the Border Mail, the district’s largest newspaper.

In the past, almost without exception, an elected independent either had a big local profile, or was an established politician defecting from another party. For all the talk about a flawed Senate, it's the system that elects members to the House of Representatives that annoys so many across the country.

Only about 20 per cent of Australians who live in marginal seats genuinely decide who will govern the country.

During April and May the group organised 55 structured kitchen table style conversations, drawing 425 people, an extraordinary result in a rural community.

Eventually, participants hit on the idea of nominating an independent to run against the Liberal's Sophie Mirabella, who had held the seat since 2001, and once recorded 63 per cent of the primary vote. Klose and Haines wrote: "While there was widespread support for the idea, many people expressed anxiety about taking on the vast party machine Sophie Mirabella had behind her.


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